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September 20-21, 2014 Running Order and Estimated Schedule is Available

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A draft of the running order for the weekend is now available as is an estimated schedule.

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September 20-21, 2014 Test Schedule is Available

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The test schedule for the September 20-21, 2014 Mid-Atlantic MADness USDAA trial is now available on-line at the following URL:


Our judges are Tammi Stone (Masters) and Jeanne Dinkle (Starters/Advanced).  Note that Tammi Stone will also be judging some Starters and Advanced classes.

This trial is once again offered outdoors at the pleasant and relaxing Gamber Fire Company Fairgrounds in Gamber, MD.  This site offers plenty of room to run your dog when you’re not in the ring as well as parking for cars, tent campers, and RV’ers.

Entry fees for the titling classes are the typical low cost of $14 per titling class (more for the tournament classes).  The Grand Prix tournament class and Master Challenge Standard qualifications apply to the 2015 tournament year.

For those new to the sport or those who would like the opportunity to train in a competition setting, we are offering Intro Standard and Intro Jumpers classes (either for titling or FEO) at $7/class.

As with all USDAA trials, entries are unlimited, as long as the entry is received by the closing date of September 6, 2014.

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Upcoming Trials for 2014

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Don’t forget to mark our coming trials in your datebook:

May 16 – 18, 2014

Mid-Atlantic MADness is a participating club in the Mid-Atlantic Agility Showcase combined this year with the Mid-Atlantic Regional. Indoors in Palmyra, PA. Check out the web page.

Sept 20-21, 2014

Our annual fall trial outdoors in Gamber, MD

Dec 27, 2011 – Dec 28, 2014

Our annual welcoming in the New Year trial indoors in Laurel, MD.

Results and Courses from March 22-23, 2014 Trial

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Thank you to judges Judy Reilly and Sally Josselyn for their interesting and fun courses this weekend and to all those exhibitors that came and supported our trial.  We certainly enjoyed seeing all the new faces on Saturday as well as our familiar friends on Sunday.

Mid-Atlantic MADness congratulates those exhibitors earning their titles this weekend:

Sandy Olszewski & Gidget – P1 Gamblers
Kristine Chervenak & Kermit – P1 Relay
Kristine Chervenak & Kermit – P2 Jumpers
Susan Mills & Bogey – P1 Snooker
Trisha Gage & Lydia – Advanced Jumpers
Lois Mark & Penny – Snooker Master
Chris Farrance & Chigger – Jumper Champion – Gold
Tala Smith & Shelby – Performance Dog 1

and finally – drum roll -
Tracey Luggiero & ADCH Mouse

earning the last gamble leg needed for their Gambler Master and Agility Dog Championship titles.

Full results are available for both Saturday and Sunday.

Courses from Sally Josselyn and Judy Reilly are also posted now.

Our thanks to everyone who attended our trial and we hope to see you at our September trial outdoors in Gamber, Maryland.

Photos From Saturday

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Enjoy these photos taken by Rachel Toren at the March 22, 2014 Starters/Advanced trial at Hog Dog.  (Click on a photo for a larger view of it).

March 22-23, 2014 Test Documents are now Available

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All final confirmations have now been mailed.

A draft copy of the running orders as well as the copies of the final confirmation and an estimated schedule can be viewed by clicking on the menu items at the top of the page for this weekend’s trial.

We are expecting actual, nice, spring weather for this trial.  Should the weathermen capriciously decide to change their minds on that one, be sure to check the web page for announcements.

March 22-23, 2014 Test Schedule is Available

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The test schedule for the March 22- March 23, 2014 Mid-Atlantic MADness USDAA trial is now available on-line at the following URL:


This year’s spring trial is again indoors at Hog Dog Productions in Millersville, Maryland on an excellent surface of packed dirt/sand.

Saturday has all the regular Starters/P1 and Advanced/P2 classes, plus Intro Standard and Intro Jumpers. Sunday has all the regular titling Masters/P3/Vet classes plus a Masters/Perf Challenge Jumpers class.

Entries are unlimited, but pre-entry is required.  Just get your entry in by Wednesday, March 12 !

If you have trouble downloading the premium, please email me and I’ll be happy to get a copy to you.


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