Jan 7-8, 2017 Trial Information Has Been Posted

romanceaframeAll trial documents including the Confirmation,  Estimated Schedule, and a draft Running Order for the Mid-Atlantic MADness New Year’s trial is now available for viewing/download at http://www.midatlanticmadness.com.  See the menu items under Trial Documents menu.

Please note there were some last minute adjustments to teams due to two more teams busting on Thursday and the ending time on Saturday has accordingly adjusted down.  The finalized running order will be posted mid-day Friday.


MMM… Soup…

andersonfoodThis weekend’s lunch fare prepared by Becky Anderson is coming together.  Becky is planning to serve potato broccoli soup, vegetable soup and chili. She promises the corn muffins are being baked tomorrow night.  If you plan to partake, don’t forget to add your name to the lunch planning worksheet located at the following link:

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January 2017 ‘New Year’s Trial’ Premium is Available

MADnessPinThe premium for the January 7-8, 2017 Mid-Atlantic MADness USDAA trial is now available on-line at the following URL:


This trial is held in one ring on Sprinturf at the Oriole Dog Training Club building in Halethorpe and our judge is Ryan Arnold. This is our annual laid-back tournament-only trial with all four of the tournaments spread out over 2 days:

Sat: Grand Prix/PGP, 3 Team/PVP classes (Gamblers, Standard, and Jumpers), and Masters Challenge Biathlon Standard

Sun: Masters Challenge Biathlon Jumpers, 2 Team/PVP classes (Snooker and Relay), followed by Rounds 1 & 2 of Steeplechase/PSJ

Jump heights at this trial will be the new jump heights as announced in the news release located at:


If you are forming a team, please note that the following will apply:

A Championship team is comprised of three handlers and three dogs from no more than two Championship divisions (small (10″), medium (14″/16″), large (20″/22″), extra-large (24″). A Performance pair is comprised of two handlers and two dogs from any Performance height.

In addition to the usual fun prizes for the first place teams, special prizes are also awarded to the High-Scoring Rookie teams in the DAM and PVP tournament (a ‘rookie’ team is defined as any team containing at least one dog who is showing in Starters or P1 Standard).

If you’re not sure how to form a team for this event, check out the Agility Team Finder page:


Or… you can enter as a draw and you will be placed on a team. Note when entering draw that it is often helpful to include a note about what kind of teammates you are looking for. For example, you might want teammates who will be trying to get a Q or even a placement, or you might prefer to be placed on a team with other dogs looking for more experience competing.

Entries are unlimited.

Results and Courses from September 2016 Trial

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Full Results for Saturday, Sunday, and the Biathlon classes are now available.  Check back in a few days for all of the uploaded course maps.

Saturday Josselyn Courses
Sunday Josselyn Courses

Congratulations to these new titlists:

Twyla Nancy Walkins Advanced Performance Dog
Carly Rae Megan Garges Master Standard Champion
Amber Linda Keens Advanced Agility Dog
Quilla Coleen Mrakovich Advanced Agility Dog
River Rebecca Hill Starters Relay
Rigel Darrell Roll Advanced Performance Relay
Titan Bill Keens Agility Dog Champion
Lucy Nancy Walkins Agility Dog Champion
Jack Sandy Morris Standard Agility Master
Gale Samantha Jackson Starters Gamblers
Gale Samantha Jackson Starters Snooker
Gale Samantha Jackson Starters Standard
Lucy Nancy Walkins Jumper Champion – Bronze
Tui Chris Farrance Starters Snooker

September 17-18, 2016 Trial Information Has Been Posted

BranchwaterJune2013_3The Confirmation and  Estimated Schedule for the Mid-Atlantic MADness Fall trial is now available for viewing/download at http://www.midatlanticmadness.com.  See the menu items under September 2016 Trial menu.

A draft copy of the running orders is also posted.  The final version with any received corrections to entries will be posted on Friday morning.

Thanks !

The Test Schedule for the March 26-27, 2016 Trial is Available

1911943_10152081490768429_1584997831_nThe test schedule for the March 26-27, 2016 Mid-Atlantic MADness USDAA trial is now available on-line at the following URL:


Our judges are Elise Carpenter (Starters thru Masters) and Lois Mark(supervising).  All levels are offered each day plus a Masters Challenge Biathlon.

The trial site is under cover on dirt at the pleasant and relaxing Hog Dog Productions site in Millersville, MD.  This site offers plenty of room to run your dog when you’re not in the ring as well as parking for cars, tent campers, and RV’ers.

Entry fees for the titling classes are the typical low cost of $14 per titling class and for each round of the Masters Challenge Biathlon.

For those new to the sport or those who would like the opportunity to train in a competition setting, we are offering Intro Standard and Intro Jumpers classes (either for titling or FEO) at $8/class.

Never tried a USDAA trial before?  Let the trial secretary know if you would like to have a mentor available at the trial.  It’s a one-ring trial and we’ll have plenty of experienced exhibitors to give you a hand.

As with all USDAA trials, entries are unlimited, as long as the entry is received by the closing date of March 12, 2016.