Pictures Available from the Saturday Trial

Here’s a nice surprise from competitor Trena Laswell who attended the trial on Saturday and took pictures:

I have two links for people to use, one is on my Google Photos account and one is on Shutterfly.

They aren’t really quality pictures, so I’m not asking for any money. Happy to get the practice and learn how to take better photos.


Also, we would like to recognize the new title holders from this trial:

Sharon JaniszewskiBellaStarters Standard
Amanda RoseWallyStarters Performance Gamblers
Amanda RoseWallyStarters Performance Relay
E. FoleyJadziaStarters Performance Jumpers
Cindy HillMoxieMasters Jumper
Sue AugatTallyStarters Snooker

Premium is Available for March 27-28, 2021 Trial

The premium is now posted for our annual spring trial. To keep everyone as safe as possible, this trial is being held in the open air barn at Hog Dog Productions in Millersville, MD. Because of the pandemic, we waited until we were sure of good trends in numbers statewide. Note that this means you only have a few weeks to get your entry in for the trial.

This site offers plenty of room to run your dog when you’re not in the ring as well as parking for cars, tent campers, and RV’ers.

Our judge is Ashley Anderson .

Make sure you review the revised trial procedures for COVID-19 avoidance so that you understand what we’ll all need to do to keep everyone safe.

Entry fees for the titling classes are the typical low cost of $14 per titling class. This trial also features qualifiers for 2 of the 4 tournaments for the 2021 World Cynosport Games (aka the USDAA Nationals) located in Nashville, Tennessee when we hopefully have the SARS-COV-2 virus under control by then.

As with all USDAA trials, entries are unlimited. Actually… that’s no longer true of all USDAA trials since the rule changes, but *this* one is unlimited 😊

Results and Photos from last weekend’s trial

Deedra Prigel of Dee Prigel Photos was on site for much of the day on Sunday. Her pictures capture last weekend’s gorgeous weather, the lush color of an outdoor trial in the Mid-Atlantic, the picturesqueness of the site with its cornfield backdrop, and of course our dogs! Be sure to take a look 🙂

Finally, full results for each day are available:

Courses For This Weekend

Because of SARS-COV-2, we will not be having printed coursemaps this weekend. Courses will be posted on this website each morning at 4am. There will be an official posted course at the site as well if you want to bring your smartphone/tablet to capture it there.