Dec 30, 2011 – Jan 1, 2012 Trial Information Has Been Posted

The Confirmation, Estimated Schedule and Worker’s Schedule for the Mid-Atlantic MADness New Year’s trial is now available for viewing/download at  See the menu items at the top of the page or the Blogroll links to the right of page to view this information.

The Worker’s Schedule is an active, editable spreadsheet so pick a class and job you would like to help in and add yourself to the spreadsheet.  (Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to navigate between Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).

If you see yourself scheduled for a class you know you cannot help in, go ahead and change the information.  This spreadsheet will be frozen as of Friday morning.  After that, please coordinate with the chief Ring Steward.

There are still plenty of holes in the schedule and we do appreciate anyone and everyone who steps up to help at the trial.  Worker coupons are good for discounts at future trials and are also accepted by the food vendor at this trial.

A draft copy of the running orders is also posted.  The final version with any received corrections to entries will be posted on Thursday.

Thanks !

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