Agility Dogs Wanted for USDAA Judging Clinic Examination

On July 19-22, Mid-Atlantic MADness is hosting a USDAA judging clinic and examination at Hog Dog in Millersville, MD.

On the Saturday and Sunday of this clinic, we will run a practice match for which we need dogs for the new judges to practice their skills on. Participation in this match is a good chance to get your dog on different equipment in a different location as well as a good way to give back to the sport. Rubber contacts, a breakaway tire, and 24″ weaves will be used at this match.


Requirements: Your dog must be able to perform all of the standard equipment outdoors in an open level field. (Note: depending on weather conditions, the match may be moved inside Hog Dog’s fabric building and held on a sand/sawdust mixture surface). The dog does not need to be USDAA registered and does not have to be measured to participate. However, several CMJs will be available at this clinic and it is an official USDAA event, so you are welcome to bring your blue measurement card if you would like to get an official measurement.

How it Works: There is no cost for entering the match. You may specify the height of the jumps and the AFrame (Championship, Performance, or Veterans) that you want to work the dog at. You will be asked to sign the usual disclaimer before participating. Although you may come at any point, it will work best if you sign up beforehand in 1 to 2 hour slots so that you and your dogs are not outside in July for several hours. (Wading pools and hoses will be available and the dock diving pool may be open as well). Match times are Saturday afternoon (signup begins at 12pm and runthrus at 1pm) and again on Sunday morning (signup at 10:30am, judging at 11:30am). You may be asked to run 3-4 times in your time slot under different judge trainees. We would ask you only not to train in the ring when you are actually being judged.

How to Sign Up: Send an email to with the following information:

Handler Name:

Dog Call Name:

Dog Jump Height (4, 8, 12, 16, 22, 26):

Aframe Height (5’0, 5’6, 5’10):

Preferred time slot on Saturday afternoon:

Preferred time slot on Sunday afternoon:

Email address you can be contacted at:


More information will be posted on this web site starting a week before the clinic.

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