Congratulations to our new title holders from this weekend

Thank you to judges Lynn Sigman and Elise Carpenter for their interesting and fun courses this weekend and to all those exhibitors that came and supported our trial this weekend.

Mid-Atlantic MADness congratulates those exhibitors earning well-deserved titles this weekend:

Alyssia Greiner/Zippity – LAA Bronze
Cliff Anderson/Sammy – LAA Bronze

Anita Slebzak/Twyla – Starters Performance Gambler
Claire Schwartz/Pewter – Advanced Relay
Elise Carpenter/Cinco – Jumper Master
Heather Kolesa/Ripley – Jumper Champion Silver
Janet Gauntt/Johnny B – Advanced Snooker
Judy Kolva/Sweep – Starters Gambler
Karin Fellers/Kip – Masters Performance Jumpers
Karin Fellers/Kip – Performance Relay Master
Lois Mark/Penny – Starters Jumper
Mary Denigan/Stitch – Starters Gamblers
Melissa Muniz/Star – Masters Performance Dog
Nancy Woodside – Zoe – Performance Snooker Master
Penny Miller/Riz – Advanced Performance Standard
Penny Miller/Riz – Advanced Performance Dog
Sandy Costello/Flash – Snooker Champion Silver
Sheila Booth/Phineas – Standard Agility Master

Well done everyone 🙂

Courses from Lynn Sigman and  Elise Carpenter are now available.

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