Results and Courses from Mar 28-29, 2015 Trial

Another fun spring trial at Hog Dog! It was good to be under cover with heat. Thanks to Lee/David for preparing the dirt well beforehand;  both dogs and people ran well on it this weekend.  Thanks again to judge Ryan Arnold and supervisor Lynn Sigman for great courses and keeping us moving and ahead of schedule.

Full results are available for both Saturday and SundayRyan’s courses are posted as well.

Titles earned this weekend were:

Rigel Darrell Roll P1 Gamblers
Rigel Darrell Roll P1 Standard
Flint Claire Schwartz P2 Gamblers
Kip Karin Fellers Performance Dog Agility Championship
Phire Claire Schwartz Master Gambler Silver
Mouse Tracey Luggiero Master Snooker Gold
Jenga! Courtney Iannello Advanced Relay
Ginger Scott Shindledecker P1 Snooker
Hector Sarah Crane Master Performance Dog
Carly Rae Megan Shepter Advanced Jumpers
Kobe Sally Zinkhan P1 Snooker
Hayley Bettina Markawitz P1 Jumpers

Congratulations everyone!

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