September 19-20, 2015 Test Schedule is Available



The test schedule for the September 19-20, 2015 Mid-Atlantic MADness USDAA trial is now available on-line at the following URL:

Our judges are Eric Quirouet (Masters) and Elliot Kaplan(Starters/Advanced).

This trial is once again offered outdoors at the pleasant and relaxing Gamber Fire Company Fairgrounds in Gamber, MD. This site offers plenty of room to run your dog when you’re not in the ring as well as parking for cars, tent campers, and RV’ers.

Entry fees for the titling classes are the typical low cost of $14 per titling class.

Since the Cynosport Games are on the other coast for 2016 and we were feeling a bit “Tournamented Out” by the 2015 tournament qualification year, we have indulged ourselves and will be offering Double Games at this trial instead. That’s right – two chances to get a leg in every kind of titling class !

As with all USDAA trials, entries are unlimited, as long as the entry is received by the closing date of September 5, 2015

Hope to see you there –