Results and Courses from September 19-20, 2015 Trial

Just catching up now on the MADness after trial update after a busy fall trial schedule….

In short: we couldn’t have asked for better weather at Gamber this fall.  Thanks to our judges Eric Quirouet and Elliot Kaplan and all of the exhibitors who supported our trial !

Many good things were said about the courses;  Eric’s courses and Elliot’s courses are both available for review.  Full results are now posted for both Saturday and Sunday as well.

Lots of titles were earned this weekend.  Congrats go out to:

Sadie Robin Tate Performance Starters Standard
Cory Lucille Maczis Performance Starters Standard
Lainey Donna Rohaus Agility Dog
Dodger Kathy Sheehan Relay Master
Ginger Scott Shindledecker Performance Agility Dog
Tucker Cliff Anderson Performance Relay Master – Silver
Cory Lucille Maczis Performance Agility Dog
Boom Trish Dranchak Jumper Master
Katniss Jane Saunders Starters Gambler
Cyan Robin Fritter Performance Starters Gambler
Spice Michelle Check Relay Master
Carly Rae Megan Shepter Advanced Agility Dog
Kahlua Cindy Hill Relay Master
Rigel Melinda Condray Performance Starters Relay
Boom Trish Dranchak Relay Master
Mouse Tracey Luggiero Snooker Master
Maybe Melissa Bishop Snooker Champion
Elise Tina Desrosiers Jumper Champion
Chigger Chris Farrance Performance Jumper Champion