Results and Courses from September 2016 Trial

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Full Results for Saturday, Sunday, and the Biathlon classes are now available.  Check back in a few days for all of the uploaded course maps.

Saturday Josselyn Courses
Sunday Josselyn Courses

Congratulations to these new titlists:

Twyla Nancy Walkins Advanced Performance Dog
Carly Rae Megan Garges Master Standard Champion
Amber Linda Keens Advanced Agility Dog
Quilla Coleen Mrakovich Advanced Agility Dog
River Rebecca Hill Starters Relay
Rigel Darrell Roll Advanced Performance Relay
Titan Bill Keens Agility Dog Champion
Lucy Nancy Walkins Agility Dog Champion
Jack Sandy Morris Standard Agility Master
Gale Samantha Jackson Starters Gamblers
Gale Samantha Jackson Starters Snooker
Gale Samantha Jackson Starters Standard
Lucy Nancy Walkins Jumper Champion – Bronze
Tui Chris Farrance Starters Snooker

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