Final Tournament Results

Final standings for the DAM and PVP Team Tournaments are available at the links below:

Individual class results can be found at these links:

Thank you for supporting our trial and hope to see you next year ^_^

Friday Afternoon Weather Update at 3pm

Most of the current forecasts for the area are currently predicting the following scenario for Saturday:

Snow should begin around sunrise Saturday in Maryland, around mid-morning in Pennsylvania, and New Jersey/New York around noon.  Total accumulation in the area of the show is expected to be 1-2 inches beginning with snow showers at 3 am, changing to snow around 6 am, changing to rain around 1 pm, before moving out of the area entirely by 3pm.

Foot’s Forecast has the following travel advisory that applies to the entire Mid-Atlantic region:

“The event will only last about 12 hours as it moves out of MD mid-afternoon, Pennsylvania/New York around sunset, and New Jersey during the late evening hours.

Travelers heading on long weekend vacations will be impacted if they try to leave Saturday. If at all possible we advise leaving Friday, or early Sat AM. Temperatures will be sub-freezing to just above freezing in most areas leading to some snow covered roads and icy conditions on roads that snow melts. Expect travel to be difficult through the day Saturday, especially on roads where melted snow refreezes.”

Based on this forecast, we plan to start the show on-time (see the links above with confirmation and scheduling information) as the majority of competitors will be traveling and even arriving before there is much accumulation.

Everyone, please give yourself several extra minutes for travel time and drive carefully!