Final Update for Spring 2012 USDAA Trial

Claire Schwartz’s courses from this weekend are now available for download.  Photos from Ramsey Photography from Saturday and Sunday are also now available for viewing;  note that there are different photo galleries for Saturday and Sunday.

Mimi Burton, who had to be taken to the hospital on Sunday afternoon, emailed me on Monday afternoon.  Although the hospital did hold her overnight for testing and observation, she was released this morning with no further problems.

We have two ‘found’ items left – a small red cushion found in the seating area and a set of reading glasses left on/near the scribe’s table.  We also have two ‘lost’ reports as follows:

  • From Janet Miller  – lost set of car keys.  “They could be either in the building or on the ground somewhere.  The set contains a Honda key along with a bunch of other important keys.”
  • From Jeannette Hutchison – small black camera case.  “On Sat. I put it on the tables where the toys and ribbons were when I came to the briefing so Ivette could take pictures when Dave, Jeanne, Nancy and I were wearing the contact pants. I forgot to get it when we were done. I checked later that day and it was nowhere to be found. It had a spare battery and a SD card with pictures and video that I would love to have.”

If you found either of these items while at the trial or later this week training at Hog Dog, please contact me ( so I can get them back to their owners.

Again, thanks to all that attended and we hope to see you at our September trial outdoors in Gamber, Maryland.

Spring 2012 Trial Results are Available

Thank you to everyone who attended our trial this weekend.  Local judge Claire Schwartz gave us a nice selection of fun and challenging courses and the trial was kept running smoothly by chief coursebuilders Will Anderson and Sally Josselyn as well as chief ring stewards Sheila Franklin and Terry Herman.  Courses should be posted on the website tomorrow.  Individual results have been emailed and the full trial results can be viewed here.

Congratulations to our new title holders:

Diana LaClair & Finnegan – Masters Jumpers
Marta Coursey & Gabe – Relay Master
Cliff Anderson & Tucker – Relay Masters Bronze
Diana LaClair & Finnegan – Relay Master
Jill Bond & Bozo – Snooker Master Bronze
Linda Hulbert & Catcher – Advanced Gamblers
Lisa Decker & Remi – Starters Gamblers
Linda Hulbert & Catcher – Starters Standard
Linda Hulbert & Catcher – Agility Dog
Val Henry & Freya – Agility Dog
Nancy Woodside & Zoe – Advanced Performance Relay
Perry DeWitt & Goose – Starters Relay
Samantha Jackson & Buddy Elf – Starters Performance Relay
Donna Brown & Lark – Agility Dog
Linda Hulbert & Catcher – Starters Snooker
Diana LaClair & Taggert – Starters Jumpers
Samantha Jackson & Buddy Elf – Starters Jumpers

Mar 30, 2012 – Apr 1, 2012 Trial Information Has Been Posted

The Confirmation and  Estimated Schedule  for the Mid-Atlantic MADness Spring trial is now available for viewing/download at  See the menu items at the top of the page or the Blogroll links to the right of page to view this information.

A draft copy of the running orders is also posted.  The final version with any received corrections to entries will be posted on Thursday.

Thanks !