Entries Closing This Week

Entries for the September 19-20 USDAA agility outdoors in Gamber MD close this Wednesday, Sep 9.

Still planning to enter but worried that your entry won’t make it?  Scan your entry and send to JLGauntt@aol.com.  You can also use your cell phone to take a picture of it – just make sure the photo is clear.

You can pay using either PayPal (add $5 convenience fee for your overall entry regardless of the number of dogs) or Venmo (no convenience fee required).  Please include a note indicating the payment is for the MADness trial 🙂

Paypal:  payments go to MADnessAgility@gmail.com

Venmo:  payment Use the QR code below or send payment to @Janet-Gauntt

Premium is Available for September 19-20, 2020 Trial

The premium is now posted for our annual fall trial at the Gamber Fire  Company Fairgrounds in Gamber, MD.

This site offers plenty of room to run your dog when you’re not in the ring as well as parking for cars, tent campers, and RV’ers. (Note: this is one of the three remaining OUTDOOR USDAA trials in this area and it occurs at a GREAT time of year at a very friendly RV site with electric hookups available.

Our judge is Mike Murphy. 

Since in these COVID-19 times we have *no* idea what to expect entry-wise, we’re going with a simple, 1 judge, 1 ring format.  However… if the entry pleasantly surprises us we can easily expand back into a 2 ring and even 2 judge format.  

Make sure you review the revised trial procedures for COVID-19 avoidance so that you understand what we’ll all need to do to keep everyone safe.

Entry fees for the titling classes are the typical low cost of $14 per titling class. This trial also features qualifiers for 2 of the 4 tournaments for the 2021 World Cynosport Games (aka the USDAA Nationals) located who knows where in a country which hopefully has the SARS-COV-2 virus under control by then.  Hey – we can all dream;  come to our field of dreams and dream with us 🙂

As with all USDAA trials, entries are unlimited. Actually… that’s no longer true of all USDAA trials since the rule changes, but *this* one is unlimited 😊

Update on MADness Spring 2020 Trial Cancellation

All checks received have now shredded.  A complete list of these checks can be found in the tab labelled Mid-Atlantic MADness March 2020 in this spreadsheet:


For those of you that included vouchers and coupons with your entry: these will not be physically returned.  The above spreadsheet records those items to be used towards your next entry.  At such time that we return to offering trials, we will post instructions as to how use those items on your entry form.

Thank you for your support (and your early entry ^_^) and we hope to see everyone alive and healthy and running agility in a few months.

Jan 4-5, 2020 Trial Documents Are Available


And now that I have your attention – All trial documents including the Confirmation,  Estimated Schedule, and a draft Running Order for the Mid-Atlantic MADness New Year’s trial are now available for viewing/download at http://www.midatlanticmadness.com.  See the menu items under the Trial Documents menu.

And don’t miss the part in the final confirmation about the
White Elephant Gift Exchange!

January 4-5, 2020 Premium is Available


We had a few hiccups with the USDAA’s new premium-building software, but all is resolved and the premium is now available at the following link:


Come join the fun!  This is our annual tournament-only trial with lots of fun door prizes as well as prizes for the highest scoring teams & highest scoring rookie teams.

Don’t have a team?  You can enter as a draw or ask around on this page to meet up with others on the lookout for a team.